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Established in 1988, Jiaxing HongFa Motor Vehicle Fittings Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacture and sale of motor parts. Our products include motorcycle parts and accessories. With the development of the company, we have become a main supplier for motorcycle aftermarket in china.... [more]

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With strict quality control,our 30 items are passed European E-mark and all the products are produced according to European standard


We have four professional technicians. One is responsible for mold design,development, improvement and supervis-ion; one is responsible for drawing design, improvement and supervision; one is responsible for the design of electronic circuits and electronic parts production improvement and supervis-ion; the other is... [more]


We carry out production according to customer orders for delivery, general delivery in 20-30 days. we are half an hour drive to shanghai and about 3 hours drive to Ningbo. ... [more]

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